Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Beggining

This is my first time posting something on my blog since I made it in 2009.
I,m lazy or not that interested in writing in blog anyway... still there just to many things on my mind that I need to let it out... Its killing me..
from my experience.. when i wrote about my problem, I felt much better... no wonder i like writing journals,,

it is new semester for me and my friend in IPG Darul Aman(IPDA). second semester to be exact.. we now have our first in this semester which I,m looking forward too.. I can then measure how good my knowledge in English,,..

new semester means new friends... i got a lot of new friends.. but i always remember to strengthened the bond between my old friends... i will always make sure to be good to each and every one i consider as my friend..

living in IPDA is great,,, i guess i can,t complain much cause it is near my house,.. i can go back every week if i want to.. but, where is the fun in that,,, only a few times that i decided not to go back and stayed in IPDA...